The 6 Essential Principles of Graphic Designing

Aprajita Kushwaha | 12th June 2019

Graphic Designing is the art of representing an idea by combining shapes, text, colors, and images. It includes everything from fine arts to printed advertisements to modern day mobile application designs. The impact of graphic designs, imageries, video content, etc. over the target audience has always exceeded textual information. Businesses have largely experienced the power of graphic designing in leaving a lasting impression on their audience to improve sales. Aspiring graphic designers need to understand the basics behind uplifting graphic designs to provide effective UX design services.


This blog post explains the six basic principles of graphic designing and how they collectively enhance a brand’s identity.


Fundamental Principles of Graphic Designing


1. Lines

Lines are the most basic building blocks of design. They are portrayed in visual designs in the form of patterns, alignment, borders, and other design elements. Also, lines neatly divide the content of the web interface, thus giving clear direction to the user.


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Furthermore, there’s one philosophical aspect related to the usage of lines for visual communication. Vertical lines symbolize stability and strength, while horizontal lines communicate tranquility and calmness. Diagonal lines are the latest trend in web design services because they represent consistent movement and action.


2. Color

Every color evokes different emotions and impacts the undertone of a message significantly.  UX designers use the dynamic color theory that defines the rules and guidelines to use colors in visual designs effectively.


3. Shape

An enclosed 2D figure that has a recognizable border is called a shape. Providers of website and mobile app design services blend different shapes to add a tinge of creativity to web interfaces. Shapes are also essential design elements for creating business logos and custom illustrations.  3D shapes and illustrations are the latest trends among graphic designers.


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They appear fluid and can be easily stuffed web interfaces, banners, digital posters, and infographics to show layers in the design.


4. Space

Space is the most recent design element that has attracted the attention of graphic designers. The concept of experimenting with negative space in digital designs has become the latest fad among logo design services. Wider spaces separate elements from each other and narrow spaces develop a relationship between visual elements.


ux research and design servicesThe logo for Martini House uses negative space to highlight its brand essence.


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5. Texture

Texture refers to the surface quality. Textures in graphic designing can quickly bring an extra layer of meaning to your design work. For instance, using texture for displaying 3D figures can add more depth and visual interest to your overall design.


6. Typography

Typography is the process or organizing and displaying text using different font sizes and styles. It is, therefore, essential for graphic designers to balance the typography of a brand’s message to justify the brand’s personality.


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Role of Graphic Designing in UX Design Services

Graphic Designing is a broad discipline that has evolved significantly with technological advancements. It has become one of the major factors in bringing together responsive web design services for digital businesses. Today, the decision of the audience to go with one brand is largely affected by the way it represents itself digitally. Hence, all the above-mentioned factors contribute to the establishment of a consistent brand identity.


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